Business Process Reengineering

Business processes have undergone structural shifts in the past couple of decades, from being an enterprise-wide one-off exercise to a continuous exercise of improvement, one process at a time. Underpinning all this is a constant appetite for simplification and automation.

Vinformax can help by bringing a very methodical and objective approach to the exercise.

With our solutions, we also exercise a fine balance between improving processes and reducing costs, while being sensitive to the impact on cultural change that an exercise like this usually heralds.

Business Insight

Business Insight is achieved through focused Business Intelligence (BI).

BI, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is the cornerstone of business decision-making as more and more businesses want to convert data into meaningful information. The objective of BI is to look for stable trends in an unpredictable environment.

We are adept at analysing data, internal and external, not only to understand how the business performed in the past but use our modeling and tools to provide insight into the various opportunities in the future and the most efficient way of capitalizing on the same. This also helps in quicker problem-addressing capabilities being developed within the business.

Performance Management and Performance Improvement

Building upon the principles of continuous and sustained improvement, an organisation must rapidly be able to measure and analyze its key performance indicators (KPIs) and action on these KPIs. Vinformax can help by being your eyes and ears on daily operational performance management and improvement. We work alongside our clients on specific projects on a day-to-day basis and advise on operational decisions which could have a high impact on your top line and eventually, the bottom-line.

Finance Transformation

We can help build and reshape your Finance function to improve efficiency across the various sub-teams. We can also integrate systems and leverage optimum technologies for data mining and reporting. Our tailor-made scorecards can help you pinpoint undercurrents of problems. Our experience in various industries in similar situations gives us the credibility to recommend workable solutions.

Information Technology

Data Integration Services

With our proven expertise, customized solutions and balance between onshore, offshore and cloud execution models, we are here to help you manage this rather complex process seamlessly. Scaling up to meet enhanced needs is always built into our thinking.

Web Application Development

We have developed many useful portals which have proved game-changers for the respective businesses of our clients. We are confident of replicating that success into any business. We pride ourselves on being ‘agenda-setters' rather than just code developers. Our satisfied clients always appreciate the level of healthy challenge to conventional thinking we bring to the table, even in something as routine as Web Applications.

Mobile Applications

Vinformax can be your trusted partner in not only executing a well-thought out mobile app idea, we go a step further back and suggest what could be the high-impact app developments the organisation should be looking at. This comes again from the time spent understanding your business in depth and suggesting workable and impactful solutions. Whether it is an app for managing your suppliers better or for giving cutting-edge information to your customers, we will give you the best possible advice, supported by logic and execution timeframes, for the same.

Website Development and Maintenance

As it is said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! We hope you liked this website, as this has been entirely created, designed and executed by the Vinformax team and its associates. We have created full e-commerce websites as well. Please talk to our expert advisors for help building yours.

Interactive Corporate Brochures

If you want to make an impression on your clients, printed brochures and their equivalent PDF soft copies, while useful in their own right, are pretty much obsolete. If you want to make a statement of what your business can do for your clients, we strongly advice you let our interactive e-brochures, tailor-made for your business, do the talking for you. We are yet to find someone not floored by the stunning versatility and sheer market-appeal of our e-brochures. While being eco-friendly, they don't cost you the earth - just a few clever pieces of links strategically placed can make a next-level statement about your products.

Information Security

Information security is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, transformation, modification, usage, distribution, disruption or recording of data. In its computer-specific avatar, the practice is termed Cyber Security. With the ubiquitous use of computers in business, Information security has become synonymous with Cyber Security. There is enough evidence of the need for information security for all organisations, big and small; enough to pre-empt us from laying any more emphasis on the need. What we will and do bring to the table is a plethora of products designed to meet your organisation's security needs at different levels.

  • Intelligent Decision Engine - Scans for any URL and classifies it as "good" or "bad" along with a category
  • SEO Poisoning Finder - SEO Poisoning occurs when black-hat hackers, alter the rules of ranking set by search engines to divert traffic to spurious and malicious sites. This could cost a company loss of brand value and at the same time render viewers vulnerable to inadvertent clicks on the spurious site and trick them into trusting website content and offers on the illegitimate site. Our SEO Poisoning Finder works as your detective, exposing all the malicious links in the search engine.
  • SPAM Detector - Our SPAM Detector exposes all the SPAM that enters your corporate network. To ensure ease of use and integration, we have developed this product as a plug-in for the different email services.
  • Phishing Crawler - Our phishing crawler is designed to detect all phishing by using a search engine.

As part of our ongoing effort to help more and more companies evaluate and gauge their need level for information security products, we bring a lot of services to your doorstep, namely:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Data Loss Risk Assessment
  • Malicious Activity Assessment
  • Targeted Attack Assessment
  • Website/Network Risk Assessment

As threats evolve and organisations' needs change, we consider this service as an ongoing dynamic effort and come up with new products regularly. We encourage you to follow this space to stay abreast of the latest threats and vulnerabilities and our solutions to tackle them.

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Our Communications and Creative side. Made up of geeks with an attitude!

Creantt specialises in creative visualization and innovative presentation.

Creantt stands for creating enthusiasm. Enthusiasm about our clients’ product, profile, corporate message, anything with a human side to it.

We are not naïve enough to boast that we can rediscover your identity for you. We do not indulge in any such hard-selling nonsense just because animation and creativity is supposed to be an upstart quality. On the contrary, we will build on all the strengths and structure the same to make your message stand out in the crowd. (Yes, we know, structure is not usual for an animation company, but then, we are non-conformists ourselves!)

We are a Creative Studio. Our offerings includes a fully integrated service for successful digital marketing – we visualize the creative, we provide content (whether 2D/3D animation or Corporate videos), we do the production and give you the finished output and finally we help getting the maximum visibility for the videos through our SEO maximizing services. In effect, you get a full end-to-end solution in one place with us. Our creative solution architects will listen, evaluate and propose a value- added solution to your business. We believe in keeping our clients in control of their videos throughout the process by initially giving a prototype or pre-visualization sample before getting to the core production itself.

What do we offer?
Pick any or all of the following:

  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • 2D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Product Visualisation
  • Digital Signage solutions
  • Digital Kiosk solutions
  • Character design and development
  • Info-graphics
  • Video production (with or without animation)
    • Corporate video production
    • Event live streaming
    • Product visualisation
    • Commercial production
  • 2D and 3D animation
    • Architectural walk-through
    • Motion graphics
    • White-board drawing
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Talk to us not because our creative den is based in one of the coolest cities in the world, Stockholm, where creativity thrives. Not because Creantt is part of a much larger group, Vinformax, based in London. Not even because our successful client footprint covers significant areas of the globe. These are our undeniable strengths, but as yet, mean nothing to you.

Talk to us only to find out for yourself how simply we can help you engage your target audience. With far-reaching impacts. Time and time again.

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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) has evolved from its origins as a cost-saving measure to a strategic component of an organisation's operating model. Processes are outsourced to accrue significant administrative efficiencies, freeing up valuable management time to focus on the core business.

Organisations are now increasingly swapping the all-encompassing, hierarchical, do-it-all-yourself structures to the competency-based, function-oriented virtual organisation, spread across the globe, connected smartly through communications and technology.

Vinformax dig into our extensive FAO expertise, breadth and depth of industry knowledge, process-oriented mindset and smooth delivery model to bring to your organisation a seamless outsourcing experience. We are able to leverage our experience to simplify processes, standardize and automate wherever required, while lowering the cost at which you get a world-class finance and accounting function.

Our execution motto of “Smart Process. Smarter Business” transforms your business through information, thereby breaking down the barriers to growth.

Financial Planning

Whatever be the size of the organisation, the need for a credible plan for the immediate and long term future cannot be overstated. Stakeholders like banks, financiers, shareholders, analysts are interested at various stages to get a pulse on the direction an organisation is headed.

That's where Vinformax come in. We can help you not only to outsource your entire planning exercise, we can also advise on the best way to go about it, with sensitivities and de-risking suggestions built in.

Management Accounting and Reporting

A crucial factor in the success of a business is the availability of timely and accurate management accounts. While financial accounts are the set of numbers and information required to be maintained by law, management accounts supply the crucial financial information required by those responsible for running the business. This information is tailor-made to suit the requirements of each business.

Vinformax can prepare quality, up to date management accounts, aligned to your business needs with incisive analysis of your reporting needs. This service enables our clients to arrive at the best strategic, tactical and operational decisions, giving management the ability to spot trends and tailor reactions to the same.

Employee Expense Management

We remove the pain out of your employee expense management like travel bills and other reimbursements. We provide mobile apps, customized to your business needs which means your employees no longer have to submit cumbersome expense management paper claims after they return to base…it can all be done on the go, including approvals by of the claims by management!

HR Data Management

The importance of proper data management can hardly be exaggerated and HR data is no exception. It is all the more relevant with more of HR data being managed online. Vinformax can help take the onerousness out of this function by managing the data for you, leaving you to focus on the more strategic uses of the resultant information. We can build a portal for you or even better, a mobile app, and maintain the data so you are never out of touch.


Learning is an eternal process. Like infinity, there's no start and no end to learning. With the learning portals presented by the House of Vinformax Systems, we have even introduced "no boundaries" and "no norms" so that none can come up with an excuse like "no time".

VinClass is a gateway to the knowledge programmes that makes learning not only easy and fun, but a very rewarding experience.

Carefully designed language and knowledge-based programmes are in this basket, dedicated to make learning into an activity loaded with fun. VinClass addresses the need for flexibility of place, pace and time of study making learning accessible, simple and achievable. It is a portal so versatile and friendly that teachers and students easily adapt to its simplicity and functionality. Managing and administering a learning process cannot get easier than this.

At VinClass, we offer a learning platform and content to suit the learning needs of all individuals irrespective of their age, background or location. We aim to get all the stakeholders in the learning process on our platform namely - students, teachers, content providers, educational institutions and corporates such that they are able to create, develop and access the best content available in India and globally. We complement that with high definition animation and multimedia technologies and bring an irresistible package to the table.

In the VinClass bag of goodies are learning programmes of various hues. You can choose from

  • Areevu +
  • English Language Lab
  • Competency School
  • Corporate Learning

Like the lyrics of a song from the 1965 classic, "The Sound of Music" go...

"Let's start at the very beginning...

A very good place to start

When you read you begin with A-B-C..."

....when you learn you begin with