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Why Vinformax

Vinformax epitomizes its slogan, "It's possible". For us every possibility is an opportunity. Vinformax is a World Class Information Technology Company headquartered at UK. We offer digital solutions that include software products & services and 2D & 3D Animation to customers in key domain areas such as Healthcare, Education and Corporate/ Government. One that started as a small seed two years ago, has now grown to mammoth proportions with 14 products, 10+ services in 5+ domain areas, 200+ employee headcount across our Global locations in US (Hayward and Los Angeles), UK, Sweden and India (Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Pondicherry). We are expanding our foothold to the Middle East as well. Our team structure and mix enables us to combine the freshness, nimbleness and dash of a start-up with the considered, deliberate and logical approach to problem-solving of mature companies.

Cloud based solutions, Web Application and Development, Data Integration Services, Mobile Applications, Information Security, Technology Support, The Internet of Things (IOT) and Animation are some of the services that we offer. Our solutions are designed by experts in Web and Mobile App development & Data Base technologies.

Our products have helped customers attain high performance. Areevu+, VinAnalytix, VinTrax, Cloudicient, VinCare are few of our flagship products that have made significant impact on our customer's businesses.

In the animation & digital front, we are into 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, product visualisation, character animation, commercials, documentary films and live event streaming. In addition to this, Vinformax offers solutions in futuristic technologies like virtual Reality, Holography and Augmented Reality. Our expertise in Healthcare and Education domain has helped us in coming up with niche solutions that enable our customers in being market leaders and in enhancing their effectiveness. Offerings in these areas include OT Live Streaming, Evidence based learning, Trans LEDs etc.

Our satisfied clientele are spread across the globe.

We have partnered with Oracle, Amazon, Dell, Fractalia (Spain), Acer, Sanako (Finland), Kista Nod (Sweden) to deliver high quality products and services.

In short, Why Vinformax?

Because @Vinformax, Possibilities are limitless, Growth is exponential, Learning and Exposure is tremendous and Opportunity for development is huge.

We are looking for people who have the same spirit as ours, who are as excited by technology as us, who are ready to face challenges head on and who can enjoy the thrill of this fast paced journey. If you are one such person, apply to us and get an opportunity to be part of Vinformax. It's Possible.

Work Culture @ Vinformax

@Vinformax, Collaboration is a way of life. Our people are our strength.

Highly Performance Oriented

@Vinformax, we celebrate high performance. If you are a high performer, you would be known across all our locations.

@Vinformax you can see us constructively challenging each other's work. What we look at is adding value to our customer's product or service over and above their requirement. High performance is not something that happens overnight. We hire the best, support and nurture them the right way by setting challenging goals and providing regular & proactive feedback on performance. Career progression here is purely based on performance and potential. @Vinformax you can be assured that you would get the credit for the work that you do. We also provide global opportunities for high performers.

Rewards and Recognition for high performance

Annual and quarterly rewards and recognition is a part of our culture. Our rewards program is such that we carefully choose the best performers after several levels of scrutiny and we provide personalized rewards for our best. Annual awards ceremony is an event that is eagerly looked forward by all of us.

Autonomy and Freedom at Workplace

We believe in empowerment. Once adequate resources, information, direction, necessary guidance and support are given, we take a step back and let you do the work. We don't believe in micro management. We believe in people and trust them with the work. And they always have done wonders for us!

Open Culture

Here @Vinformax, your views and ideas matter. You can be sure that you would be heard. Here, there is free and open communication. You can walk up to our senior management and state your views, apprehensions or feedback without any anxiety. It's a very friendly environment that helps and supports you throughout. We respect the individual for who he or she is.

Innovative Culture

Nothing excites us like Technology. We are open to new ideas and we encourage and support people working on innovative solutions. Creative ways to improve effectiveness or solve a problem is constantly looked upon. We are now working towards creating our own IPs.


@Vinformax, you get to work with the Best. The exposure and experience that one gains at Vinformax moulds and shapes us to handle any challenge. Diversity in terms of age, background, education, experience, sex, multifaceted focus is a unique characteristic of Vinformax. Our coffee breaks are in fact fun and collaborative, wherein you can see a group comprising animators, developers, sales personnel, trainers all sharing a lighter moment. That's the advantage of being part of Vinformax.

VinSparx Training Academy

Organization that learns, grows. We at Vinformax strongly believe in the same. We take learning seriously and ensure continuous learning and development of each one of our associates.

Our Training Academy VinSparx has been formed with this very objective. We don't look at our Training Academy as an add-on but as a complete entity on its own.

All learning program happens through our In-house Training Academy, VinSparx. When you become a part of us, we ensure your growth. As you advance in your career, we would enable you in performing your work effectively and also help you in maturing from one role to another through our formalized training programs. We have,

  • Fresher's Trainings
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Team Lead Program
  • Senior Leader Program for Managers
  • Sales training programme

In addition to the above mentioned programs, we also provide Technical Trainings based on the Skill Gap Analysis, training requests from the projects and the employees.

  • Technical Training
  • Domain Training
  • User Interface Training
  • Database Training
  • Communication Skills Training

This would empower you with the knowledge, ability and skills to perform your roles and responsibilities effectively. Exposure and experience that you gain here at Vinformax are tremendous, and our training is one step ahead to match the same.

We will be with you every step of the way, guiding, mentoring and coaching as you take each step in your career until you are in a position to offer back to the budding associates. At Vinformax, learning and development is a way of life.