About Vinformax

Our core team is made up of highly successful individuals with rich international experience in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US, in industries ranging from Information Technology, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Aggregates and Financial Services. Whether it is business process study or systems implementation or launching complex financial products, we have had first-hand experience in many of the challenges an organisation like yours may face. This gives us an edge to give you solutions that work in practice, not just theory.

We are not your regular consultants who give you a high-level view of what you already know, in a flashy document, with a wordy disclaimer clause as an escape route. We get under the skin of our clients' issues, suggest and execute plans as though our clients' business were our own.

Based out of London, our list of satisfied clients ranges from small businesses to multi-million dollar companies, spread across India, UK and the US. We believe in boundary-less working - be it in terms of functionality or geography.

The Vinformax Edge

Our value proposition consists of giving simplistic solutions in an increasingly complex world. We use our formidable analytical capability to split a problem into its building blocks and this gives us a unique perspective to any situation. By using technology to bridge concept to delivery, we converge content, execution and measurement in one seamless flow. We ensure our solutions are scalable. We identify barriers to growth and address them by partnering our clients on strategy. Using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reliable, Timely) techniques, we provide bespoke solutions with rapid payback turnarounds. Little wonder then that we are trusted by a loyal clientele.

We execute based on two broad model principles:

  • ABOL

    • Assess the problem
    • Build the solution
    • Operate the execution plan
    • Leverage for external customers
  • BTD

    • Bespoke solutions for your business
    • Transform existing processes
    • Drive growth

For the Vinformax team, thinking out of the box is passé. The box simply does not exist!

Vision Statement

To build a world-class management consulting and technology services company which works with our clients to bring discernable and sustainable value-addition to their operations through insightful, actionable and measurable solutions.

Core Values

To some, our core values may sound like platitudes. To us, they are the tenets of our culture at Vinformax:

Beyond Passion

Unyielding Integrity

Client Respect

Flawless Execution

Respect for the individual


And what we like about them is that they need no explanation. They mean what they say.

The Vinformax Logo

Ours is not a glamorous garage-start-up story. Nor is it an exotic rags-to-riches saga (sorry to disappoint). Vinformax has a more pragmatic and down-to-earth beginning (sans leprechauns and pots of gold). But it is a story about three friends from three different professional spheres comparing notes about work (and its inevitable problems) over long evenings. And then the epiphany: the essence of the solutions sought by each (despite their varied functional areas) is really the same. From this revelation and the conviction that all organisations face similar problems (albeit, in varying magnitude) that require simplistic solutions, was born Vinformax. And our logo reminds us of just that: the solutions we provide an organisation need always be simple: of different colours, but still simple.

Our TeamOur team of highly skilled and experienced individuals

Premchander RajanChairman

A qualified MBA and a successful entrepreneur, Premchander Rajan, or Prem, comes from a leading business family in South India, having interests in textiles, real estate and financial investments. The group, Amarjothi Industries, is very well known among the textile and real estate circles in India and has been supplying consistent top-quality products to some of the world's leading brands like Levis, Nike, Marks and Spencer, Next UK and the like. The Group companies include Amarjothi Spinning mills, Amarjothi Dyeing, Amarjothi Windfarms, to name a few. Prem is its Managing Director and is hands-on in the finance and marketing functions of the Group. He also runs various successful ventures on his own, like Texin India (serving the textile needs of hospitality, healthcare, industrial and educational institutions), Propin India (real-estate investments in key southern Indian cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore), Premchander Investments (dealing in financial products). Apart from business interests, Prem is also a keen philanthropist and has contributed immensely to several charitable institutions, orphanages, disaster rehabilitative trusts etc. He is the driving force behind Vinformax' strategy and vision and has global aspirations for this vibrant company. His favourite maxim - "The only true legacy a person can leave is to risk stepping into the extraordinary, to blaze a trail into the unknown for others to follow"

Sridhar SubramanianChief Executive officer

An accountant by profession, Sridhar has qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant from India. Having worked with several leading practices in India, he migrated to the UK where he has gained excellent experience in the hospitality, entertainment and software services industries, working for the UK arms of leading companies like the Holiday Inn franchise, Sun TV (a leading Indian regional language television channel) and Polaris software, one of India's leading software houses. Sridhar specializes in end-to-end management of turnkey projects, Finance and Accounts, HR administration and taxation advice. He lives and works by his favourite line "Innovate. Execute. Excellence."

Ravikumar BuddhaChief Transformation Officer

An accountant by profession and an entrepreneur to boot, Ravi brings together a unique combination Finance and IT. An expert in databases, he is able to mine information out of the most seemingly impossible maze of data, which has won the appreciation of professionals from one of the Big 4 accountancy firms. Ravi has headed the Finance and IT function of Rubicon Drinks, a leading brand in the UK before it was taken over by another company. He has extensive experience having worked in leading organisations like Canara Bank in India and Alghanim Industries in Kuwait, before settling down in the UK. In his own words, "If a piece of data is available somewhere in an organisation in any form whatsoever, I can take up the challenge of converting it into meaningful business information."

Subramanian IyerChief Product Officer

Subbu, as he is known, is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant from CIMA, UK and a Cost Accountant from India. An alumnus of some of the world's leading MNCs like GE Capital, Kodak, Cadburys and Barclays, Subbu is an expert in business and financial processes, financial planning, pricing, business development and management reporting. A specialized banker, he has helped some of UK's leading finance companies launch and manage some of the more complicated consumer financial products and is able to leverage that knowledge into any industry or process. His staunch belief: "You can sometimes save, but must always simplify, your way to growth."

Prabhu Venkatesh SubramanianHead of Americas

Prabhu holds a BS degree in Applied Sciences from one of the leading technology schools of Southern India. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration, also from a leading South Indian institution, specializing in Sales, Marketing and Systems. True to his academic qualifications, he has had significant experience in some of the leading software companies of the world, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) being one of them, where he deftly handled sales of the Oracle product range. He has used his unique insight into the technology behind business solutions and has led some of the key Channel Development, Training and Sales Delivery programs in the companies he has worked for. Very quickly and somewhat naturally, his unique combination of skills took him to the very heart of world technology, Silicon Valley, California, where he has had phenomenal success as a Sales Achiever and a mentor of other sales team members. His strengths include Business Development, Large Account Management, Product Marketing, Product Conceptualization , Product Management, Recruiting and mentoring in Software and Consulting. He has built a strong reputation among key clients like KPMG, Hitachi, CapGemini and TEP. A keen social causes promoter, Prabhu volunteers a significant amount of his time to support genuine causes like Sankara Eye Foundation, India and Cancer Institute Foundation. The guiding principle of his career ? - "Business, but with a human face"

Muthukumar SrinivasanHead of Technology & Product Innovation

An alumnus of Regional Engineering College, Trichy and and MBA and MS from Chadron State College, Nebraska, Muthu has over two decades of rich expertise in Enterprise Application and Enterprise Solutions. The quintessential technocrat, Muthu has distilled all the experience he has gained from his 14 year stint at Oracle in California, USA and has authored some of the most cutting-edge solutions for business efficiency in the Vinformax stable. He is an expert in CRM, Cloud and Data Analytics. Muthu has successfully handled several Fortune 100 accounts for Oracle and has ensured high levels of customer satisfaction with these clients. During his stint with Siebel, Muthu has honed his skills in the areas of Customer Expectation fulfillment, Customer Satisfaction and tries to follow that philosophy all through. He heads the New Product Development and innovation tracks for Vinformax. His wide experience includes international customers in China, HK, Italy, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and USA. He works by Edison's famous quote "There are no rules around here (in this laboratory). We are trying to achieve something!"


Dr Chalapathy or DC for short, is a medical professional with more than 16 years of experience in general surgery and expertise in patient handling and resolving operational difficulties at hospitals. He is a complete healthcare specialist, who has been associated with Community Medicine and also holds the critical medical waste management portfolio and has handled emergency requirements in hospitals. He has attended UNIDO sponsored events as an Expert, for example, a visit to the manufacturing facilities in Kitakyushu, Japan for the treatment and disposal of PCB chemicals and medicals wastes. He also advises manufacturers for the selection of technologies. An erudite academician with high calibre and extensive teaching experience, he also drives a result-oriented curriculum and teaches the clinical experience to students in medical colleges. DC will bring in lot of value addition and would contribute to the growth of the business with his expertise and wide connects both within the medial vertical and other verticals also.

Shrikanth HRVice President - Knowledge Sciences

Shrikanth HR, belongs to All India Civil Services exams (1995 Batch) and Karnataka State Civil Services (1997 Batch). He served the Department of Karnataka Commercial taxes as Assistant Commissioner Commercial Taxes for about a decade. Being a passionate teacher, he has been teaching & mentoring students who have been aspirants of All India Civil Services. After a decade of Government service he resigned to co-found Multidimension Technologies. He has the combined experience of Administration, Teaching & preparation of Education content. Being an Ex-civil servant he is conversant with Science, Social sciences, Humanities and has a vast experience in content belonging to different curriculum in the world like Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, CBSE, ICSE besides others. He has been in constant research on different education systems in different parts of the world & for the last 6 years he has travelled to different countries to make a common comprehensive education content. He brings with him administrative skills and Content production skills.

Kishan SSTechnical Head - Multimedia & Animation

Kishan SS is an Actor, Film Director, Editor, Digital Intermediate Technician, Sound Engineer, 3D Stereographer and Visual Effects Engineer. He is working on Emerging and Cutting edge technologies in Optical illusions, Digital medium, visual medium and motion Pictures and Holography. Kishan SS has been acclaimed by Oprah Winfrey, Singapore Media Corp 2007.He holds the Guinness World Records for Youngest Director of a feature length film. He is a National Golden Lotus Award winner and holds National Award for Exceptional Achievement, and 11 prestigious International awards. His Feature film has been on the final list of the 88th Academy awards for the Oscars. Forbes India magazine recognized him as one of India's top 30 achievers under the age of 30. He is the founder and head of the technology division of Multidimension technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has brought in lot of new protocols and designs in Digitization of Content. He is integrating digital content with software that can give ample opportunities for viewing the content on different platforms.
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